What Is Bad Feng Shui For Bedroom

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Many people in life do not pay attention to the layout of the bedroom, thinking that the feng shui influence of the bedroom is not very big. But Chinese feng shui discipline that people live and live in a place for a long time, will be affected by many factors including the building structure, indoor environment, outdoor environment, etc.. Once there is a bad bedroom pattern, the family’s fortune will also cause a great impact. Therefore, in feng shui, some of the layout and rules of bad feng shui for the bedroom are stipulated. Let’s take a look at how the layout of the bedroom is bad.

Under The Bed Is Not Clean, Piled Up A Lot Of Clutter

It is very important that the bed is clean and tidy underneath. Sometimes in order to save space or for the sake of beauty, people will be some things not commonly used to pile up under the bed, so although you can save space and a moment of beauty, but the things piled up under the bed, over time will accumulate dust and will produce unclean bad luck, on people’s health has a negative impact. Moreover, the accumulation of debris under the bed will also make the magnetic field of the bedroom space disorder, affecting the normal sleep of people, and easy to make love overshadowed, but also easy to make people produce bad communication problems.

Room Light Is Too Bright Or Too Dark

The light of the room to a certain extent will affect people’s mood and perception. The bedroom is a place of rest, the light is too bright, easy to make people nervous. The light is too dark, easy to make people’s minds dull. Bedroom lighting is recommended to choose soft and natural lighting, and simple lighting, can bring a comfortable visual experience. In addition, if you can choose a room with a window and allow sunlight to enter as the master bedroom, it will bring positive help for the bedroom owner’s romance and fortune.

The Head Of The Bed Against The Window

When people sleep, they should create an environment with soft light and comfortable atmosphere. If the head of the bed is against the window, the person sleeping in this bed will be easily affected by the light from the window and will not easily get a good quality sleep. Therefore, the spirit is easy to dissipate, slowly become unfocused, prone to work errors.

The correct arrangement should be the bed and the window to maintain some distance, or to maintain a horizontal distance. Make a certain distance between the bed and the window, you can properly reduce the impact of light outside the window, if installed curtains, you can pull the curtains before going to bed, blocking the bad gas outside the window.

Bedroom Shape Is Not Square

If the bedroom shape is not square, but narrow or irregular shape, then people living in this bedroom is more likely to become grumpy, lack of patience, if it is a couple living, then it is easy to have a constant quarrel.

The correct shape of the bedroom should be square or rectangular, so that the bedroom can make your natural energy is easier to focus, the mood is easy to calm down, if a couple living, their relationship will be more smooth and solid development, and love will become better, both sides will be equal and harmonious, have a positive love.

There Are Too Many Sharp Corners In The Bedroom

Sharp corners of walls, cabinets and other furniture will produce bad chi, often resting in such a bedroom full of sharp corners, people are easily affected by these bad chi, become irritable and irritable, not easy to get enough sleep, or poor sleep quality.

The right thing to do is to keep the bedroom home as simple as possible, do not put sharp-looking clutter, try to choose a bed without sharp-looking, bedside tables also choose the rounded edges. You should also avoid using lampshades with sharp corners.

Bedroom Mirror Is Facing The Bed

Mirrors reflect light and images, and there are narrow spaces that can be made to look larger by arranging mirrors. Some people like to install mirrors on the ceiling corresponding to the bed. However, in feng shui, mirrors have the effect of blocking fatalities, so they also have the effect of reflecting qi. If the mirror is arranged next to the bed, people usually rest in the bedroom, often see the image in the mirror, so it is easy to affect sleep, in addition, people are easily frightened by the image in the mirror (here the said fright is not necessarily a sudden fright, but subconsciously by the image of their own slight fright, which may be very slight, but through a long time, the eventual impact will slowly accumulate to become larger), affecting the fortune and aura, the aura is often in an unstable state.

The solution is not to arrange mirrors in the bedroom, or do not let the mirror is facing the bed or where people usually stay. In addition, if you must arrange mirrors in the bedroom, usually covered up with cloth is also a good practice.

Arranging Closets Above The Bed

Closets placed above the bed can create a sense of oppression. This oppression can create a bad aura for people lying underneath, which can easily lead to headaches and insomnia.

Bad Bedroom Layout

Bedroom taboo “missing corner” or “beveled edge convex corner”. The “missing corner” refers to the bedroom is not a standard square or rectangle, but the square or rectangle is cut off a corner or more corners, into a polygon. A “beveled corner” means that one side of the square or rectangle is “beveled” and becomes a trapezoid, or that one corner of the square or rectangle becomes a “convex corner” that turns inward. “Beveled edge convex corner” and “missing corner” will obstruct the flow of air, dirty air is not discharged in a timely manner, naturally make people toss and turn. Suitable for sleeping in the shape of the bedroom is rectangular or square.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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