The Best 8 for Feng Shui in The Bedroom

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Bedroom Feng Shui Orientation Selection

The basic principles of feng shui bedroom decoration

Bedroom narrow meaning refers to the master bedroom, wide meaning refers to all bedroom rooms. Choose the location of each person’s room at home, its importance is second only to the selection of rooms. Because the bedroom is the place where people are recuperating, when we are not in a state of sleep, the interaction between people and the house qi field is most sensitive. Therefore, it is very important to arrange the location of each family member’s bedroom and set the ideal bed position, which is related to the health of the occupants, thinking fertility, and the relationship between husband and wife.

It is related to health, thinking, fertility, and the relationship between husband and wife.

The correct choice of room (according to personal fortune, choose the appropriate auspicious position), coupled with the right bed position, and avoid the bad brake, and keep clean, bright, that person’s health, education, career, luck, relationships will be smooth. However, if the bedroom is cluttered too much, with clothes everywhere, things lying around, want good luck, it is really difficult.

Master bedroom feng shui orientation

Bedroom feng shui orientation is very important, especially in the master bedroom, which affects the owner’s fortune, if the couple, then the impact affects the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, in-home feng shui, the master bedroom plays a very important role in feng shui. The general orientation of the master bedroom to the east and north is good.

The Master bedroom is located in a good or bad relationship.

The Master bedroom is located in the East: good. The Master bedroom is located in the west: not good. The Master bedroom is located in the south: not suitable. The Master bedroom is located in the north: good.

What is a Good Shape for The Bedroom

The bedroom should be four flat and stable, so the bedroom to four square is better. Square-shaped houses give people a safe and smooth feeling, easy to sleep, sleep Sleeping people feel relaxed, which is beneficial to the health of the homeowner.

In addition, the rectangular design can also be, rectangular also give people a sense of stability, so in the second-best, can choose The rectangular design can be chosen. But the less the difference between the length and width of the room, the better.

Bedroom design should not be designed the round, some people think that the round represents the full circle, but a bedroom is a place of rest, the round room Room to gives a sense of rotation and is unrealistic, living here for a long time, prone to mental discomfort, lack of sleep, vertigo and other symptoms.

In addition, other shapes such as triangular, pentagonal, octagonal, semi-circular, etc., but these shapes are not good for people’s health.

Bedroom Bed Placement Five Taboos

1, The Room Door Should Not Punch The Bed

Room door to the bed, because the room door to different parts of the body, and cause functional lesions in the corresponding parts. Room door and window are the import and export of indoor air convection, when we are in a state of sleep, nerves, and capillaries are in a relaxed and open state, when the door to the bed, the wind will blow directly to the body, causing lesions. (To consider the convection of indoor air, the lower edge of the general door will leave a thin slit, so even if the door is tightly closed, as long as the open-air conditioning or windows have a thin slit, can make the outdoor air in and out.)

*The door to the head: will produce migraines; people’s luck will easily become bad.
*Room door to the waist: will produce stomach cold, lumbago.
*The door of the room to the feet: will be easy to sprain or even produce accidents and falls.

In addition, the bed should not be placed close to the door, such as the head of the bed and the door into a straight line is a major taboo, so that people are mentally unstable, affecting physical health.

2, The Bed Should Not be too Close to The Window

The bed should be placed in a quiet, safe, where wind is not a strong area. The general feng shui master will recommend that the bed can not be placed under the window or too close to the window. From a medical point of view, if the cold wind blowing in through the window directly to the head, it is easy to cause headaches, and the elderly or the weak will suffer from facial nerve paralysis.

* The best distance between the window and the bed

If there is no way to avoid the window, the following guidelines can help you find the right distance between the bed and the window.

  • Window facing southeast: about 1 meter
  • Window facing northwest: about 1.8 meters
  • High bed with mattress and higher than the windowsill position: about 1 meter, or greater than the height of the windowsill
  • Mattress directly on the floor: about 1.8 meters
  • Heater under the window: about 1 mete
  • There is a cooler under the window: about 1 meter
  • With full-coverage bed curtain: about 1 meter
  • No full-covered bed curtain: about 1.8 meters

3, The Bed Should Not be Close to the Toilet or Kitchen

If the bedroom is near the bathroom, you must avoid letting the bed close to the toilet, faucet, or fish tank placed because even if there is a wall separating the bathroom vapor will still affect the bedroom owner, resulting in poor memory, and even kidney problems.

Similarly, the bed should not be close to the kitchen stove and put, and because the “fire” is too strong, long-term sleep next to will often be trapped in a state of tension, or even liver disease.

4, The Bed Should Not be Located Under The Beam, Stairs

The beam is one of the main structures of the building, mainly composed of steel and concrete, when the compass is placed under the beam, the needle will immediately change direction, which can confirm the beam will produce an obvious force-free magnetic induction.

The bed is located under the stairs, hanging overhead to the stairs, will cause a heavy load and oppression, will also limit the flow of positive gas, thus affecting the harmony and fortune of the family.

5, Do Not Bed Without a Backing

The back of the bed should be close to the solid wall, and should not have any backing. The so-called “no backing” includes two situations, one is the head of the bed after leaving space, not close to the wall; two is the head of the bed directly behind the window.

Some people to create an atmosphere and the bed is placed diagonally and not against the wall, or to avoid the beam above the bed and the head of the bed overhang. The head of the bed is not against a solid wall, or turn your head to sleep, which will cause poor sleep quality, rebellious thinking, strange and poor communication skills. The bed against the window makes it easy to have nightmares and even affects the performance of work.

Good Feng Shui Bedroom Layout Considerations

Suitable bedroom feng shui arrangement

1, The Bed Away From The Door

The ideal bed position in addition to the bedroom owner’s life gua should be far from the bedroom door; if the bed is located in a room next to the door side, the luck will be poor; bed directly to the door of the situation, is the worst position.

2, Sleep at Night to Dark, Bright During The Day

Sleep at night, the bedroom should be dark, and do not sleep with the lights on, so as not to imbalance the body’s melatonin secretion, resulting in poor sleep quality, and even insomnia, derived from a variety of diseases.

3, the window can produce air convection with the room door.

Windows and doors are not in the same plane, the air to produce convection, can make the indoor air is often kept fresh, so that the temperature, humidity, will make people clear, cheerful, happy spirit, efficient.

Wrong Bedroom Feng Shui Arrangement

1, The Bedroom Placement Of Clocks And Electrical Appliances

Feng Shui theory that it is best not to place computers, clocks, radios, stereos and other electrical appliances again bedroom, if you must be placed in the bedroom, but also not too close to the bed.

2, The Bedroom Placed Too Many Mirrors

Mirrors are quite common in the bedroom, most dressing tables are also equipped with mirrors. In addition, some rooms have behind the door or other places installed a full-length mirror, in order to check the appearance before leaving the house. The use of mirrors is controversial, not all feng shui experts believe that mirrors are powerful, but there are many feng shui practitioners who will mirror as a bad thing.

3, Dressing Table Placed At The Head Of The Bed

The dressing table is the second most common piece of furniture in the bedroom other than the bed. Dresser can not be placed next to the bed, otherwise, it will disrupt the room’s gas, making it difficult for energy to flow through the person lying in bed to rest.

4, The Bed Above The Air Conditioning Or Ceiling Fan

Bed placed under the cold air, cold air constantly blowing to the head, shoulders, and neck, the lighter will often catch a cold, the heavier will cause the head, shoulders and neck nerve tension, muscle stiffness. Older people will be paralyzed due to insufficient blood supply to the brain.

5, Bed Mattress On The Floor

The bed is best to have a bed foot pillar, higher than the ground, the bottom of the bed to have air flow, should not be placed on the floor mattress. For small children’s rooms, this point needs special attention.

Five Arrangements to Improve Bedroom Feng Shui

1, The Color of The Bed Set and Curtains is in Line with The Master’s Character

The color of the bed set and curtains in the bedroom can be selected according to the five elements that are missing in the owner’s eight characters, but it is still necessary to hang the five elements according to Feng Shui.

The principle of interaction between life and restraint is the main. For example: born in 1980 (Gengshen year), and the male host (Kunming Guaren) who is short of fire, lives in the seat

Duizhai from southwest to northeast. The gate is in Gen. The master bedroom is arranged on the west side, and the master bedroom door opens to the northeast. This design, arrangement,

It can be said to be very ideal.

But if according to the general numerology, there is no fire in the eight characters, so the bed sets and curtains in the bedroom are made of red elements; so

As a result, it happens to directly produce the effect of punishment and restraint with the five elements [gold] of the bedroom and the house hexagram, breaking the good feng shui, causing serious damage to the wealth and personal injury.

If so, wouldn’t such a good Feng Shui be wasted?

If the bedroom bed set and curtain color are mainly gold silk and off-white, with a brown auxiliary color, a little red and gold accessories are added.

2, Use a Wooden Bed

The bed is best made of wood, not metal. Because bed covers and pillows are cloths with absorbent and water-absorbing properties

If it comes into contact with metal day and night, the surface will rust. Copper, in particular, is toxic, so a wooden bed is best.

Bedroom Color Feng Shui

Bedroom color feng shui, including bedroom curtain color feng shui and other content. We know that color can have a certain impact on health.

In the bedroom, it is best not to use too much red, and black as the main color, which will make people do things impulsively extreme, fire, the family body Health is not good. The most suitable color, is a neutral color, such as beige, gray and so on, these colors make the yin and yang coordination, family, and Harmony. Usually, many people will be placed in the bedroom wood flooring. In fact, the original color of the wood is also a very good color. The original color of the wood makes people The original color of the wood makes people calm and makes the couple stable.

The color concentration of the child’s room should also match the benefits, too dark, easy to make the child depressed, can not stay at home, often run outside; The color is too bright, and will make the child produce a feeling of uneasiness, temper tantrums become irritable. Therefore, in the choice of color, according to the child The child’s preferences, choose a light color similar to the color.

What are The Feng Shui Taboos in The Bedroom

The bedroom is a person’s most private place, but also the art of feng shui has the greatest impact on the person’s place. In the layout of the bedroom feng shui arrangements, you need to take into account a variety of factors, such as the individual’s birth date, zodiac, blood type, etc. At the same time, we should not only let feng shui for us to bring “positive energy”, for us to recruit wealth, and recruit peach blossom luck, but also to absolutely avoid the negative impact of feng shui on us, do not let some of the wrong feng shui corrupt our luck.

Bedroom feng shui taboos:

1, The Bedroom Shape Suitable for Square

Not suitable for beveled edges or polygonal shapes. The oblique side is easy to causes the illusion of sight, multi-angle easy to causes oppression, thus increasing the mental burden of people, and long-term easy to suffer from disease and accidents.

2, The Bedroom Should be Bright During the Day, The Evening Should be Dark

The bedroom should have a window, in addition to air circulation, more light during the day, so that people’s spirits, while the evening window should be equipped with curtains, blocking the outdoor night light, so that people can easily sleep.

3, Bathroom Should Not be Converted Into a Bedroom

Modern building pipeline overall construction, so the whole building bathrooms are located in the same place. If the bathroom into a bedroom, will inevitably result in sleeping in the upstairs and downstairs two floors of the bathroom, and the bathroom is a damp, unclean place, sandwiched in among the inevitable impact on environmental health, in addition when the upstairs toilet, water pipes will definitely affect your peace, so the physical and mental health of people caused harm.

Bedroom Feng Shui Layout

Bedroom decoration or following certain feng shui laws, from color matching to the application of the layout of space, are in accordance with the bedroom decoration feng shui

On to do the science of decoration, nature will also be a key to affecting the quality of human rest. That bedroom feng shui layout to pay attention to what?

Bedroom soft furnishings. Feng Shui believes that the room’s accessories carry a strong feng shui energy. If you like to use decorative paintings to cloth Set the living room, it is recommended that you use the ideal image of life. The sad and lonely images of Lin Daiyu are not suitable as home decorations to Embellish the space, because they will make your emotional life cold. If you put a photo of the two partners in a happy state, blooming The floral patterns and other decorative paintings are suitable for the bedroom as a good arrangement.

Should not have the space arrangement. The bedroom represents your romantic life, so, of course, mom and dad are dear, but their photos should is not supposed to appear here, and so are the children’s toys. In addition, the bedroom also tries not to put in the TV, video players and other electrical The TV, audio and video players, and other electrical appliances. In addition to radiation and mental interference, too many appliances can destroy the feng shui energy in the bedroom.

The air in the bedroom. Open windows often or use an air purifier to keep the air in the bedroom space fresh and well oxygenated. Need A special reminder is the quality of air in the bedroom, if the inhalation is much dirty, pollutant-filled air, then your bedroom feng shui must not be good.

Bedroom lighting. Soft light is not only to protect the eyes, feng shui-wise, light is also our primary nutrient element, the strongest manifestation of energy. For example, on the night of the bachelor’s day of the century for the “naked” action to a preview, light a romantic The romantic atmosphere of the bedroom is instantly enhanced by the lighting of candles.

The color of the bedroom. Psychologists have long found that color has an effect on the human perception system. Feng Shui believes that colors such as red and pink warm colors will greatly enliven your love life. Soft and layered rose and coral colors will attract a thoughtful significant other, and bold colors such as deep red will attract the spirited and courageous explorer to your side. Since this is a private space, you can boldly use These spirited and enthusiastic colors, for your private time to increase the element of passion.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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