The Best 13 for Feng Shui in The Bedroom

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Bedroom feng shui layout and human health and luck are most closely related and should not be ignored. Bedroom light should be soft, too strong will make people easily grumpy; too dark, easy to produce melancholy mood. Bedroom to simplicity is better, so that people look neat and comfortable. The shape of the bedroom should not be long and narrow, too long and too narrow is not conducive to ventilation. Bedroom door must not be to the mirror and bed.

The direction of the bed in the bedroom must be correct, because it has to do with health and wealth, the requirements of health, the head of the bed towards the direction of the sky doctor, if seeking wealth, towards the direction of the gas born. The head of the bed should not be reliable in the bathroom wall, should not be beams, should not be too close to the window, should not be facing the mirror.

Bedroom shape suitable for square or rectangular

The shape of the bedroom should be square, not suitable for beveled edges or polygonal shape. The beveled edge is easy to cause the illusion of sight, multi-angle is easy to cause oppression, thus increasing the mental burden of people, and in the long run prone to disease and accidents.

The bedroom should be bright during the day and dark at night

Bedroom should have a window, in addition to air circulation, more light during the day, so that people’s spirits, while the evening window should be equipped with curtains, blocking outdoor light, so that people can easily sleep.

The door should not face the door


The bedroom is a place of rest, need to be quiet, private, and the door is the place where people must go in and out, so the door is not in line with the bedroom quiet conditions. The door directly to the room door is likely to affect health and fortune.

The door of the room is not the bathroom

The bathroom is for people to excrete place, easy to produce obscene gas and moisture, so the door will have an impact on the bedroom air, the adverse effects on human health.

The bedroom door is not facing the kitchen or adjacent to the kitchen

Kitchen stove frying, exhaust fumes, easy to affect the door of the room, endangering human health, and make the work performance is unstable. Kitchen is a place of fire, very hot, so it should not be adjacent to the bedroom, especially the bedroom bed close to the wall of the kitchen stove.

The door should not be facing the mirror

The mirror has a reflective effect, in feng shui can reflect back the evil gas, so can block the evil. But the mirror is facing the door will be a bad luck to shine into the bedroom, bringing bad luck.

The mirror and floor doors and windows should not be facing the bed

The mirror is used to block the brakes, the role is to reflect back the brakes, so do not face the bed. In particular, people wake up from sleep, easy to be reflected in the mirror or floor windows in the image of their own scared.

the bed should not be the bedroom door

The most important thing is to sleep safe, quiet and stable, the door is the room must go in and out of the place, so the door should not be on the bed or bed. Otherwise, people who sleep in bed are prone to lack of security, and detrimental to health.

The bed should not be close to the window

The window is the gas in and out of the bedroom, so the head of the bed close to the window is prone to offense. People in the bed because they can not see the window above the head, easy to lack of security, causing mental tension, affecting health.

The bed can not be placed under the beam

Ceiling should be flat, avoid having a beam. Beams in the psychologically easy to produce a heavy body feeling, especially people sleeping under the beam will feel the great pressure, causing mental oppression, affecting health, career. In addition, the bedroom bed should not be placed in the hanging cabinet or under the light fixture. Otherwise, it will lead to headaches, joint pain and other diseases occur.

The head of the bed taboo not against the wall

People lying flat can not easily see the top of the head, so the head of the bed should be against the wall, to avoid revealing empty, and reduce the sense of security. Otherwise, people who sleep in the bed, easy to trance, suspicious, affecting health, career.

The bed should be 50cm above the ground

The bed should leave the ground about 50cm, the bottom of the bed must be kept clean, should not pile up debris. Leave the ground, and do not accumulate debris can keep the air at the bottom of the bed, reduce the ground moisture infiltration into the mattress affect health.

the bedroom should not place too many plants

Too many plants and flowers tend to gather Yin, will affect human health.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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