The 9 most easily ignored bedroom feng shui taboos

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Bedroom feng shui is related to our fortune, more about our health, so the bedroom feng shui speak is not to be ignored; then feng shui, what are the feng shui of the bedroom? Let’s take a look at the 9 feng shui taboo it!

Taboo 1. Bedroom is not located in the West

In the bedroom orientation feng shui, the bedroom in the west is not suitable, because the sunset leaves the heat, will make the room temperature rise, so that people have poor health.

Taboo 2. Bedroom area is not too small

Large bedroom will consume too much human energy, Ho everything has to have a degree, the bedroom is too small may not be ideal. So, how big a bedroom area is appropriate? It is recommended in about 15 square meters, not more than 20 square meters is good, so that it is conducive to our body and the surrounding environment, in order to achieve the purpose of rest and recuperation.

Taboo 3. bedroom orientation avoid reversing the main and secondary

The host couple’s bedroom and children, the elderly bedroom orientation is not reversed, such as children sleep in the northwest, the host couple sleep in the east, this situation is not good, will give people the feeling of family members do not distinguish between the main and secondary. If this happens, it is recommended to change the room according to the correct orientation.

Taboo 4. basement avoid doing bedroom

The basement room is generally very cold, cold, not suitable for the bedroom. Because such a room is easy to damp, air does not circulate, living in which is very bad for health. At the same time, from a feng shui point of view, living in this kind of place for a long time, people will naturally become withdrawn, character will become irritable, but also affect the relationship between husband and wife or lovers.

Taboo 5. bedroom avoid design into a circle

Can not be designed into a round bedroom. Because the round master bedroom will make the interior rest of the person has a feeling of insubstantial, living here for a long time, prone to mental discomfort, lack of sleep, vertigo and other symptoms.

Taboo 6. master bedroom area is not smaller than the second bedroom

The bedroom in the living room has a large and small, then the large bedroom is appropriate to do the master bedroom, a relatively small to do the guest bedroom or children’s room. If the small area of the bedroom to do the master bedroom, it will be very inconvenient for the owner’s life, and there is no distinction between the main and secondary, the suspicion of the noise.

Taboo 7. bedroom is not long and narrow

If a person lying in bed looking at a long and narrow bedroom, it will have a lonely and cold feeling. And those who are sensitive nerves, more will be nonsense and many fantasies. The remedy is to divide it into two. That is, with a low cabinet to this long and narrow bedroom partition, one side of the bed, the other as a dressing room or study. After such changes, the space in the bedroom is no longer empty, psychologically will feel much more solid.

Taboo 8. Irregular house avoid doing bedroom

Oddly shaped and loss of corner of the room, its internal gas will be stagnant or irregular flow, the distribution of energy field is also very uneven, will have an impact on people’s physical and mental health and daily life. It is best to use the placement of furniture to separate out a regular space.

Taboo 9. above the ride avoid doing bedroom

Some buildings are on the first floor is the riding floor. The space above the second floor of the ride, it is best not to do the bedroom, because the Chinese people are most concerned about sleeping with a stable magnetic field, like this bedroom below the ride of the house, because the bottom is empty, there are air currents and the flow of people flowing around, people sleep on top for a long time will destroy the body’s stable magnetic field, therefore, this belongs to the magnetic field is not stable and unfavorable house, it is best not to arrange the bedroom above the ride. Of course, above the jockey tower as a living room or studio, there is no big problem. If the cross-shaped beam is just a decoration, there should be no problem in the life of the house, but this will not work either, and the shape of the cross over the head itself will have a negative impact on people.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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