The 15 You Need To Pay Attention To The Bedroom Feng Shui Precautions – Contains The Solution

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Bedroom feng shui taboo 1: the shape of the bedroom should not be beveled convex corner

Bedroom shape suitable for square, not suitable for beveled edge or polygonal shape. Beveled edge is easy to cause the illusion of sight, multi-angle easy to cause oppression, thus increasing the mental burden of people, long-term down easy to Luo suffer from disease and accidents.
Solution 1: for the beveled edge of the convex corner of the problem, then we must make up for the shortfall, can be hung in the convex corner of the position of the mirror, but be careful not to form a new brake, if the space is large enough, you can use the screen to do partitions to resolve.

Bedroom feng shui taboo 2: bedroom should be bright during the day, the evening should be dim

The bedroom should have a window, in addition to air circulation, more light during the day, so that people’s spirits, while the evening window should be equipped with curtains, blocking the outdoor night light, so that people can easily sleep.
Solution 2: bedroom set up windows, hanging curtains can be solved.

Bedroom feng shui taboo 3: The bathroom should not be converted into a bedroom

Modern building pipeline construction as a whole, so the whole building bathrooms are located in the same place. If the bathroom into a bedroom, is bound to cause sleep in the upstairs and downstairs two floors of the bathroom, and the bathroom is a damp, unclean place, sandwiched in the inevitable impact on environmental health, in addition when the upstairs toilet, water pipes will definitely affect your peace of mind, so the physical and mental health of people caused harm.
Solution 3: If there is not enough space, you can reduce the area of the bath test, the kitchen face to see this side of the move. In addition, you can also change the bath test into a storage cabinet, it will not affect feng shui.

Bedroom feng shui taboo 4: the door should not be on the door

The bedroom for the rest of the place, needs to be quiet, and private, and the door for family, and friends in and out of the place must pass, so the door to the door does not meet the bedroom quiet conditions. The door directly to the room door is easy affects health and wealth.
Solution 4: can be installed screen blocking, often close the door, add curtains on the door, in the bedroom door above the five emperor money, or change the door position can be.

Bedroom feng shui taboo 5: the door should not be facing the bathroom

A bathroom is a place for people to excrete, and easily produce obscene gas and moisture, so the door will have an impact on the bedroom air, harmful to the health of the human body.
Solution 5: The bathroom and bedroom door is hung with curtains, blocking the direct flow of gas between the two magnetic fields. If the indoor space is enough, you can add a channel here to enhance ventilation.

Bedroom feng shui taboo 6 six: the door should not be facing the kitchen or kitchen adjacent to

Kitchen stove frying, and exhaust fumes, easy to affect the door of the room, endangering human health, and making the work performance unstable. A kitchen is a place of fire, very dry and hot, so it should not be adjacent to the bedroom, especially if the bed is close to the wall of the stove.
Solution 6: If the bedroom is separated from the kitchen, then do not place the bed in the wall that separates, you can move the head of the bed to another wall.

Bedroom feng shui taboo 7: the door should not be on the mirror

The mirror has a reflective effect, in feng shui can reflect back the bad gas, so you can block the bad. But the mirror to the door will be a bit of bad luck to shine into the bedroom, incurring bad luck.
Solution 7: move the mirror to other places, or the door will be hung on the gourd to stop the brakes.

Bedroom feng shui taboo 8: mirrors and floor doors and windows should not be on the bed

The mirror is used to block the brakes, the role is to reflect back the brakes, so not to the bed. Especially when people wake up from sleep, the consciousness is not very clear, easy to be reflected in the mirror or floor windows in their own fright.
Solution 8: Mirror moved to a position not to the bed, the floor window hanging curtains to block the brakes.

Bedroom feng shui taboo 9: the bed or bed should not be on the door

The most important thing is to sleep safe, quiet, and stable, the door is the room must go in and out of the place, so the door should not be on the bed or bed. Otherwise, people who sleep in bed are prone to a lack of security and detrimental to health.
Solution 9: move the bed position, so that it does not face the front door, in addition, often close the door or strengthen the sound insulation effect of the door.

Bedroom feng shui taboo 10: the bed should not be close to the window

The window for the reason gas in and out of the place, so the bed close to the window is easy to commit rushing. People in the sleeping bed because they can not see the window above their head, easy to lack of security, causing mental tension, and affecting health.
Solution 10: the head of the bed moved to a position, not near the window.

Bedroom feng shui taboo 11: the head of the bed can not be under the beam

The ceiling should be flat, avoid having beams. Beams the psychologically easy to produce heavy body feeling, especially people sleeping under the beam will feel great pressure, causing mental pressure, affecting health, and career.
Solution 11: Use decorative things to hold the beam and not let it show. In addition, you can hang a copper gourd on the beam that can be dissolved.

Bedroom feng shui taboo 12: head taboo not against the wall

People lying flat can not easily see the top of the head, so the head of the bed should be against the wall, to avoid revealing empty, and reduce the sense of security. Otherwise, people who sleep in bed, are easy into a mental trance, suspicious, affecting their health, careers.
Solution 12: when placing the bed, the side of the bed against the wall, so that the back of the back.

Bedroom feng shui taboo 13: the bed should be raised off the ground

The bed should leave the ground about 50 centimeters, the bottom of the bed must be kept clean, and should not pile up debris. Leave the ground, and do not accumulate debris can keep the air at the bottom of the bed, reduce the ground moisture infiltration into the mattress, and affect health.
Solution 13: can build steps in the bedroom to place the bed, or the bed system higher, some miscellaneous items can be placed in the storage cabinet.

Bedroom feng shui taboo 14: bedroom should not place too many plants

Too many plants and flowers tend to gather Yin, and plants in the evening absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide, so it is easy to affect the health of people.
Solution 14: Night plants can be moved away from the bedroom, or place some plants suitable for the bedroom.

Bedroom feng shui taboo 15: bedroom should not be used as a warehouse

Do not take the bedroom as a warehouse, the bed, in addition, put pillows and folded quilts and pillows, do not stack other miscellaneous items or clothes and socks, and do not let pets in.
Solution 15: often close the bedroom door, so that pets can not enter. For the bedroom clothing sundries, can be placed in the locker or closet inside.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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