knowledge of Feng Shui – Environmental patterns of feng shui treasures

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Feng Shui is a study of environmental selection, the purpose of which is to pursue a living environment that is beneficial to human survival and development. There are certain environmental patterns of feng shui treasures, and the environmental patterns of feng shui treasures are the same as people choosing the ideal burial place to seek blessings from the end of life and the same reasoning.

Feng shui precious land environmental pattern out of the reproductive cult of the imaginary thinking, its topography is equivalent to “female Yin” Yin and Yang coitus area, feng shui fetus pregnant principle is the human fetus principle of the imaginary. This point is agreed upon by many scholars. “Feng Shui treasure land” in the Yang house four gods, “burial” four spirits generally require “Xuanwu dropping head, Zhuque Xiang dance, green dragon winding, white tiger tame down.” The pursuit of “wind” and “water” in the natural environment has had a profound influence on ancient Chinese environmental thinking, and the pursuit of an ideal environment attaches great importance to environmental protection. Most of these environmental protection ideas are preserved in genealogies, local records, and related historical materials.

In particular, the successive dynasties attached great importance to the protection of the feng shui environment after the construction of the capital and the tomb, in addition to the careful selection before the construction. According to the Ming Shilu, Chongzhen 14 years, Chongzhen emperor in view of the Xiaoling next to someone to open the kiln to take the stone thing called the ministers, said: “—— “canon” contained near the mausoleum is not allowed to open the kiln to take the stone, cutting trees, the prohibition is very strict. Recently, the law long people play, in the original amount of four kilns outside, opened a lot, and burned red stone, damage to trees, etc., although by the southern ministers played, but also must condemn the important minister personally survey.

The situation of the Chinese feng shui school focuses on the search for the dragon, sand, water, point, and orientation, such as the identification of the square; and the gas school, focuses on the yin and yang, five elements, stem and branch, eight trigrams and nine palaces, such as the theory of phase production and grams, and, the establishment of a set of strict field operation tools date compass, to determine the location of site planning. Chinese feng shui, regardless of the situation school, or the rational gas school, despite the formation of numerous practical methods of operation throughout history, however, must follow the following three major principles: the principle of the unity of heaven and earth; the principle of balance between yin and yang; the principle of the five elements of mutual vitality.

Feng Shui theory is actually a natural science integrated with various disciplines such as geophysics, hydrogeology, cosmic astrology, meteorology, environmental landscape, architecture, ecology, and human life information science. Its purpose is to prudently and carefully examine and understand the natural environment, the use and transformation of nature, to create a good living environment, to win the best timing and location and people, and to achieve the unity of heaven and man in the realm of the best, the water should be meandering and slow, should not be turbulent. “The water holds sentience for the auspicious, straight to go uncollected for the evil”. East of the river, although it can stimulate the spirit, but also easy to make people difficult to calm; and small bridges and flowing water, it has a pleasant meditation function, which is consistent with the atmosphere pursued by the ancient Chinese garden architecture. Modern medicine has also proved that the size of the sound and light stimulation around the living environment, the relationship between human sleep is very large.

From the perspective of modern urban construction, it is also necessary to consider the natural geographic conditions and ecosystems of the entire region. Each region has its own specific lithology, structure, climate, soil and vegetation, and hydrological conditions. Only when the various integrated natural geographic elements of the region are coordinated and complementary to each other, will the “qi” in the whole environment be smooth and lively, full of vitality and vitality, thus creating the ideal “feng shui treasure” – a perfect living environment. -A very good living environment. For the common Chinese cities and villages with mountains and water at their backs, they are themselves a typical environment with ecological significance. Its scientific value is that the backing of the mountain is good for resisting the cold wind coming from the north in winter, and the facing of the flowing water is good for receiving the cool breeze coming from the south in summer and enjoying the benefits of irrigation and boat breeding. The sunrise is convenient to get good sunshine; the gently sloping terrace can avoid flooding; the surrounding vegetation is lush, which can conceal water, maintain soil and water, and can regulate the microclimate, and get some firewood. These different features of the environmental factors together create an organic ecological environment, which is the ultimate pursuit of feng shui treasures in ancient architectural feng shui.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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