How to find a good external environment for the office

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In order to choose an office that will enable the company’s business to run smoothly and its career to soar, the shape of the building must be the first priority. This is because the external shape of the building will affect the mindset of the people inside. Therefore, the choice of an office, whether purchased or leased, needs to meet the requirements of feng shui geography pattern.

1. Feng Shui and office luck

The essence of feng shui is to retain beneficial life energy, or chi, in the home to bring good luck. This can be accomplished by modifying the outdoor topography or changing the interior arrangement or decoration for this purpose. Feng Shui theory places particular emphasis on the orientation of water, such as rivers, lakes, streams, and even drainage systems in the back garden.

According to feng shui theory, qi follows water and if the water flow brings qi into the home to gather, it is very auspicious. On the contrary, if the water nearby takes away the Qi from the building, then the people inside will lose all their good luck.

Geographic feng shui can also be called “feng shui”, but in fact, the term “geographic feng shui” is more correct, because “feng shui” is just a general and common term. Here, the universal term “feng shui” will be used as a synonym for “geographic feng shui”.

Geography and feng shui are the same as Chinese medicine, both of which have large systems of doctrine. In modern science, if the relative to Chinese medicine is medicine, then the relative to feng shui is science, and it also includes elements of environmental science, geography, architecture and astronomy. Among them, the main application in real life is environmental science and architecture.

How to create a good living environment? How to build a safe and developed city? How to build a comfortable and healthy home? All these are related to Feng Shui.

Geography” in geography and feng shui refers to the state of the earth. The earth is the place where human beings live, so geographic feng shui is the study of the location, shape, mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, etc., where human beings live. Checking the state of the earth is called “Feng Shui Watching”. If you can’t “Watching” correctly, you can’t judge accurately.

Geographical Feng Shui has existed since ancient times, and all beliefs (religions) have different connections with it. Among some forces and phenomena, some can be explained by science, and some cannot be explained by science. For example, which of the troubles and various feelings that arise in our hearts can be explained more accurately from both the scientific and religious sides? Why are some families happy and prosperous, while others are unhappy?

Geographical feng shui is superficially understood to be based primarily on the environment in which humans live in nature. In fact, where a home is built and in what direction, and how people can live happily, is what feng shui is meant to address. And feng shui can be applied no matter who is using it, from public buildings like commercial and office to private homes.

According to the Chinese view of life, we all have three kinds of luck, which people often call the three fortunes.

The first type of luck is the Heavenly Luck, which is what we are born with, in other words, whether we are born with a silver spoon in our mouth or born in a poor family. Qi and luck are directly and closely related. Luck literally means “moving or acting qi”. Luck is not static, but changes with the changes of the sky. The astrologers who are very good at astrology can feel these changes in the course of life. Chinese astrologers will accurately predict the major events of a person’s life based on his or her four pillars.

The second type of luck is human luck. We can also change our heavenly luck through our own efforts, i.e. human luck. We know people who, despite their severe physical disabilities, have succeeded by working hard to change their human luck. For most people, heavenly luck and human luck are all there is to luck, and their whole life is dominated by both, sometimes heavenly luck is more influential, sometimes human luck is more influential.

The third kind of luck is earth luck. Geomancy, or Feng Shui, is an art or science deeply rooted in our surroundings. Earth luck can significantly change and improve our lives. We can set our goals and then achieve them by changing our earth luck.

One’s heavenly luck is fixed, but by using feng shui or earthly luck, we can make the most of good opportunities and “neutralize” bad luck to a considerable extent. Heavenly luck is the most powerful, but human luck and earthly luck are both within our grasp and can be changed.

Feng Shui is the combination of wind and water, and it depends on the direction of wind and water and the effect of the resulting airflow on a place, which can be as small as a seat or a room of an employee in an office building, or a store, a building, a region, etc., or as large as a country. The main purpose of feng shui is to harmonize various natural forces (mainly wind and water) to create a healthy, comfortable and harmonious working or living environment, so that health, interpersonal and financial fortunes are all prosperous.

The electromagnetic field generated by wind and water is called “qi”. Bad luck Qi is called “bad Qi”. The luck of a place, in addition to “qi”, there is a set of feng shui projection rules.

The basic principles of feng shui are: movement, static, yin and yang. The key is: hide the wind, gather gas, multiply the gas, and avoid the dead gas. All of these must have the natural cooperation of yin and yang.

Will the dragon vein be in the office?

The dragon is a group of mountains with enthusiastic and undulating ridges.

Vein is the latent rotary trend of qi veins.

The point is the condensation point of the qi of heaven and earth.

Feng shui tips have a cloud: “the gas is gathered, the money gathered, the gas is scattered, the money scattered.”

These gas is not visible to the eye, the hand can not touch. Therefore, if you want to know whether or not the office gathers qi, you must look at the outdoor environment in terms of the shape of the mountain and the water, and you need to judge it by the “shape of the mountain, the potential of the dragon, the state of the water and the shape of the general situation”. However, since its focus is on the “balance of movement, static, yin and yang”, the key is to “hide the wind, gather qi, multiply the angry and avoid dead qi”, so as long as there is a mountain business, buildings or walls to surround the office will be able to make its true qi “gathered but not scattered”, that is, to hide the wind, gather qi, multiply the angry and avoid dead qi. Not scattered”, is to hide the wind and gather gas.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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