How Do I Feng Shui at My House?

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Using Feng Shui to improve your home is a great way to bring balance and harmony into your life. This can help you make your house more aesthetically pleasing and improve the functionality of your home.

Clearing out a space

Getting rid of the clutter in your house can have a positive effect on your life. However, there is more to clear out a space in feng shui than just dumping clutter. You should use space clearing to clear the energy in your home and enhance the overall quality of your living space.

Feng shui suggests that when you move into a new home, you should be Space Clear. This is a practice that is done to remove the stagnant energy of your home and bring in fresh, positive chi. It can also be used after a major life event or after a major de-cluttering.

You can Space Clear by following a few simple steps. Start by walking around the house in a clockwise fashion. Look at each room and identify what the top intention in that sector is. You should also open all doors and windows and clap your hands to clear out invisible energy.

One of the most important elements in space clearing is to use of a Feng Shui Bagua Map. This is a diagram that shows the different areas of life and connects them to different zones.

If you have a front door, it is important to clean it. Clearing the clutter around the door is the first step in welcoming in a fresh new chi.

Another feng shui home improvement is to use a mirror to visualize your front door when you are sitting at your desk or sleeping.


Using a compass, you can determine the exact facing direction of your home. This will help you determine whether you have good energy or not.

There are several factors that determine the facing direction of your home. The first is the location of your house. Your house should be on a level lot and have a clear path to the front door.

You should also keep your home clean and tidy. This will help improve your concentration and focus. You can also use feng shui tools to create vibrant energy for your home.

Your front door will also determine the type of energy in your home. The material of your front door will help attract prosperity. It is also a good idea to have beautiful lamps and paintings on the front door.

You may have to remove obstructions that hinder feng shui. For example, a front door that has an overhanging beam may be oppressive to your mind and body.

You should also create a floor plan for your home. This is not difficult, but it will help you pinpoint the best location. You may also want to lay a Bagua grid over your floor plan.

One of the easiest ways to determine the facing direction of your home is to use a handheld compass. You can also use an app on your smartphone to help you determine the exact direction of your home.


Having good feng shui at your home can help attract good luck, health, and wealth. However, you should make sure that you use the right Feng Shui symbols to achieve your goals.

Having a dragon and phoenix as a Feng Shui symbol in your home will bring you love, marital harmony, and prosperity. These animals represent the balance between yin and yang energies in marriage. These animals have been a powerful symbol of good luck and power since ancient China.

Arowana Fish is another powerful Feng Shui symbol that can help bring you good fortune. This fish symbol is also used to bring good health, prosperity, and growth in business. This fish can be placed in the South East area of your home.

Fu Dogs are symbols of prosperity and family well-being. They come in pairs and have traditionally been placed in front of imperial palaces and wealthy homes. They have also been used as a feng shui cure for love.

If you are thinking about buying a feng shui symbol to bring you good luck, you might consider a bamboo plant. It is an effective symbol of all five chi energy elements. The plant is actually part of the dracaenas family.

Another symbol that brings good luck is the dragonfish. It is a great feng shui symbol because it can help attract good health. It can also help to protect you from bad luck.


Keeping your bathroom clean and free of odors is one way to promote positive chi. It can also be beneficial to use essential oils while you bathe. However, you should also be aware that poor hygiene can increase negative energy in the bathroom.

The use of plants in the bathroom is a good idea, as plants are believed to help with air purification and spiritual rejuvenation. For best results, place plants on the counter or higher than the toilet, as they can also help to enhance the feng shui of your bathroom.

In addition, use a toilet seat to minimize moisture and humidity in the bathroom. Also, keep the toilet lid and seat closed when you are not using the bathroom. This will prevent water from leaking out of the toilet and into the bathroom and will minimize mold growth.

In addition to plants, consider installing a bathroom fan. Fans can help to improve the air circulation in your bathroom, which is important for the feng shui of the space. In addition, use air fresheners to keep your bathroom smelling good.

One of the best feng shui bathroom plants is a lucky bamboo, which is believed to bring wealth and abundance into the home. You can also use a freestanding pendant over the bathtub to make your bathroom look nice.

Finally, consider using bathroom mirrors to reflect and absorb energy. This is especially important in feng shui, as mirrors can deflect or redirect negative energy.


Using feng shui in the bedroom is a great way to promote rest, relaxation, and harmony. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that uses the natural laws of the earth to create a peaceful and balanced environment. Feng shui is a budget-friendly alternative to decorating your room.

The first step in achieving feng shui in your bedroom is to eliminate any clutter. Clutter can create blockages and bring you down. The best place for clutter is out of sight and out of mind.

Another important consideration is the lighting in your bedroom. Keeping the lighting dim can help you sleep better. Using natural lighting is also helpful. You should avoid overhead lights. You also don’t want to place mirrors in your bedroom. They can disrupt your sleep. You should also avoid placing plants or water features in your bedroom.

Another important element in feng shui in your bedroom relates to headboards. Headboards are important in the bedroom because they are symbolic of stability and support in romantic relationships. They also protect the walls from damage. Headboards should be made of solid wood and fastened securely to the bed. They should also be free of perforations and activated materials.

When decorating your bedroom, use soothing, natural colors. This can range from pale white to rich chocolate brown. Make sure that all the colors you choose represent the emotions you want to attract. For example, purple represents gratitude, green represents growth, and white represents clarity.


Using feng shui in your kitchen can help to improve the health of your family. This can be accomplished by cleaning the countertops and cabinets. It can also involve cleaning out the pantry. You should never keep food in the pantry that is expired. Expired food will attract negative qi.

You can also improve the Feng Shui of your kitchen by hanging mirrors in the kitchen. These mirrors can increase the energy of the Fire Element. Mirrors also create a sense of space. Keeping the stove clean will help to keep the qi flowing properly.

The kitchen is the center of the home. It is also the place where the family eats. Kitchens that face the front door of the house kill the positive chi. This can impact your family’s health and finances.

Feng shui in the kitchen should be based on the house’s Kua. The Kua is determined by the directions of the house, as well as the sitting and facing directions. The Kua has four lucky sectors and four unlucky sectors. These sectors represent the four elements of Fire, Water, Wood, and Earth.

In feng shui, the Fire element is represented by the stove. Stoves should be cleaned regularly and a mirror should be placed behind the stove. This will allow the cook to see what is going on behind them.

In kitchens, earthy colors are ideal. These colors include yellows, beiges, and beautiful oranges. They are associated with healthy bodies, relationships, and prosperity.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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