Feng Shui for Office

Feng shui is an ancient Eastern science that studies how people and the environment can coexist in harmony. The study of office feng shui is part of the study of feng shui, and the study of office feng shui is precisely to make people and the environment integrate, adapt and combine with each other. Office feng shui includes desk feng shui, chair feng shui, computer feng shui, telephone feng shui, file feng shui, and so on. It requires a meticulous analysis and study of the outdoor and indoor environments of the office to find the perfect form for human habitation. It takes people as the core, combined with time and geographic situation, comprehensive evaluation after the results, and according to the emergence of environmental problems to design the corresponding solutions.

The Best 9 For Office Feng Shui Rules


Feng Shui is a traditional discipline with a long history in China. The core idea of Feng Shui is the harmony between man and nature, ultimately achieving the Chinese ancient ideal of “the unity of heaven and man”. Feng Shui permeates all processes of traditional …

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