Feng Shui for Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Eastern science that studies how people and the environment can coexist in harmony. The study of home feng shui is part of the study of feng shui, and the study of home feng shui is precisely to make people and the environment integrate, adapt and combine with each other. Home feng shui includes bedroom feng shui, living room feng shui, study feng shui, game room feng shui, kitchen feng shui, toilet feng shui, staircase feng shui, and so on. It requires a meticulous analysis and study of the outdoor and indoor environments of the home to find the perfect form for human habitation. It takes people as the core, combined with time and geographic situation, comprehensive evaluation after the results, and according to the emergence of environmental problems to design the corresponding solutions.

7 Taboos of Bedroom Feng Shui

“Feng shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy concerning man, his environment, and his relation to nature. It is a discipline of the heart and mind that balances living spaces so as to optimize good energy flow, which in turn helps with health, wealth, and spirituality. …

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6 Feng Shui In The Residential Use Of The Magic

At present, “ecological housing”, and “green housing” has become fashionable term frequently used in commercial housing advertising, and there are also playing the “feng shui” banner. For example: located in the north of the Yonghe Palace Yonghe home, recently invited from Taiwan “feng shui master”, …

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