Feng Shui Bedroom – Which Direction Should Your Bed Face in Feng Shui?

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The bed is one of the most important furniture in the home and it can be used in various feng shui positions to improve the health of your family. But, which direction should you face it in?


Feng Shui is a way of balancing nature and environment. It is also an ancient tradition that is still in use today. One of the most important rooms in your home is your bedroom. There are a number of factors that affect your sleep and your health. By making simple changes in your bedroom, you can improve your sleep and your life.

The position of your bed can have a variety of positive effects. Some of these effects are improved health and relaxation. It can also help to reduce interruptions.

Feng Shui has a number of rules and guidelines for how your bed should be placed. These rules will not necessarily work for everyone. However, they can help to make the difference between a good night’s sleep and an uncomfortable night.

For instance, if you are looking to increase your wealth, you might want to consider a bed that faces east. This direction is known as the lucky direction in feng shui. This is because the earth revolves on an axis from east to west. It is believed that by sleeping with your head facing east, you can benefit from improved blood circulation.

If you are seeking a more restful sleep, you should consider a bed that faces south. This position is believed to promote deep sleep. It can also be beneficial to those who are trying to achieve fame or success.

In order to ensure a good feng shui bed placement, you should avoid placing it in front of your bedroom door. You should also avoid using mirrors or other objects that will amplify any concerns.

Choosing a bed with a natural fiber mattress is a good idea. It will help to prevent the flow of chi energy from leaving your room.


If you’re looking for ways to improve your sleep and health, you may want to consider Feng Shui bed placement. If you are sleeping in a bad position, you can suffer from poor health, a restless and lethargic lifestyle, and other negative effects.

You’ll be glad to learn that you can correct this problem with a few simple changes to your bedroom. These changes will help you enjoy better sleep and less stress. Plus, they will also increase the positive energy of your bedroom.

Some of the best Feng Shui bed placements are in the north and east. These directions promote peace, calmness, and good communication. They are particularly beneficial for those who are starting a new career, expanding their career, or improving their financial fortunes.

You should always avoid placing your bed in the same direction as the door. That’s because chi energy can flow through the door and disrupt your sleep.

A more aesthetically pleasing bed placement would be in the south west. This direction is known as the “dead man position,” as it symbolizes a corpse being carried through an open door. This is not a good feng shui choice for everyone, but if you’re working in a business, it can be a good choice.

You should also avoid placing your bed against a wall or ceiling fan. This is because the chi energy will leave the room through the door.

Finally, don’t forget to avoid mirrors, large pictures, and water features in the bedroom. These can cause a heavy amount of energy to flow through the room. If you’re going to place these items in your bedroom, be sure to place them under the bed, not at the head of the bed.


If you want to get a good night’s sleep, you have to know where to position your bed. Feng Shui can help you do that.

Feng Shui is an ancient art of oriental origin, which aims to enhance your welfare and health in relation to your surroundings. It works by enhancing the flow of energy in your home and workplace.

Feng shui is not only a great way to improve your wellbeing and health, but it can also minimize the effects of interruptions and other annoyances. This is especially true in the bedroom. It is one of the most important rooms in your house.

The right bed placement can make a big difference in how you feel and how you perform in your daily life. It can also increase your business or career success.

The best feng shui bed placement is facing south. This allows your body to stay aligned, which helps with sleep. This is particularly beneficial when you’re trying to avoid a sleeping disorder.

A bed facing north west is another great feng shui bedroom layout. You will experience a sense of calm and peace while you sleep.

This may not be the best bed placement for everyone. You may find you have trouble getting to sleep if you’re facing the west. Alternatively, if you’re trying to improve your career, you might want to consider avoiding this direction.

However, a south east bed placement can be a great option. It will boost your creativity and communication.

The perfect feng shui bedroom can be located in a Kua number. This is a lucky direction in the feng shui universe. You should have at least three Kua numbers in your bedroom.


Feng shui bedroom bed placement can make a big difference in your sleep space. It’s important to know the right direction to sleep to get the most out of your feng shui bedroom. You can also add positive energy to your sleep space to improve your health.

The main purpose of feng shui is to create a harmonious environment. The bedroom is your sanctuary. If you have a bad bed placement, it can cause you to have a restless night. You might wake up with a fever or have a sleep disorder.

The best way to position your bed is to follow the feng shui principle of commanding position. That is, place your bed in the opposite direction of the door. This will put you in a “commanding position,” and that will bring you good luck in the bedroom.

You can use the feng shui bed direction to enhance your mood, create a peaceful and serene atmosphere, and enhance your ability to achieve your goals. For example, you can position your bed in the east or north to stimulate growth and career advancement.

If you want to create a balanced and harmonious environment, you should keep your bedroom free of unwanted items. For instance, you should not have mirrors in front of your bed. You should also avoid sharp objects and large paintings.

In addition, you should avoid using dark colors in your bedroom. Light shades attract positive energy and give a more serene and calming feel.

You can also make a big difference in the feng shui of your home by choosing furniture that is made of wood. For example, wooden headboards and desks can help to reduce stress.

Directly against a wall

A bedroom bed is an important aspect of your home. A good placement can help you get a good night’s sleep and can also promote harmony and health.

In feng shui, it is recommended to place your bed against a wall. This will protect you from bad chi and help you to sleep better.

It is also recommended to avoid placing your bed against a door. This is because a door will draw energy away from you, and disrupt your slumber. In fact, it can even cause your dreamless nights.

Another thing you should consider is not to put your bed in front of a window. This is because chi can enter the room through the window, and disrupt your slumber. Similarly, it is recommended that you not put your bed in front of a bathroom, since bathroom drains, pipes, and other items can be a nuisance to your sleep.

In feng shui, wood is a calming element. It is also a solid element, providing a sense of security and support. It is also recommended to have houseplants and greenery in the bedroom to balance the feng shui.

If you have a problem with a door and window, you can create a fake wall or screen between them. This will ensure that the door and window do not block the entrance of chi.

Lastly, it is best to position your bed parallel to the bedroom wall. This will provide the sleeper with a greater space in which to sleep and will give him or her a sunkissed view at dawn. This can help with health and work success.

In feng shui, the head of the bed is also recommended against a wall. This will create a sense of security and support, while allowing a person to feel supported.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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