8 factors of feng shui in the external environment of office buildings – Office site selection

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In office feng shui, site selection is particularly important. Feng Shui believes that the location of a company’s office is directly related to its development prospects. The good or bad, smooth and unpleasant development of a company affects not the boss personally, but the company as a whole. In today’s relatively open and competitive times, in the bustling big cities, some people use the phrase “100 companies open every day, but every day there are also 80 companies closed” to describe the fierce competition. Office is a place to generate wealth, want to prosper, you have to find a good environment for the office, choose a good feng shui, in order to start from a good environment good feng shui, for the company to seize the opportunity, and then make the business success. Here are 6 aspects from the respective description.

The first thing to look at when looking at the feng shui of an office is the outdoor situation of the office.

The outdoor environment includes some things and facilities within the visible range of the outdoor area. For example, the sharp corners of neighboring buildings, the gap between two buildings (the so-called “sky brakes”), street lamp posts, trees, church crosses, the situation of the road, etc..

In general, it is best to choose the office in the surrounding wide view, fresh air, bright light, quiet and noiseless place. This will take into account the following environmental factors on the impact of the office.

Terrain – low in front and high at the back

When choosing the building where the office is located, it is better to have a low front and a high back, which has the symbolic meaning of a high step. If there is open space in front of the building, the view will be open and the market can be expanded smoothly. In addition, the left and right buildings adjacent to the target building is best symmetrical, which is conducive to stabilizing the mood of employees and promoting good communication, which is also beneficial to the development of the business.

The road in front of the building where the office is located – preferably “nine curves” and “curved hug”

Specifically, what is the “nine curves” it? In fact, it is the whole road down is curved. The road is like a water flow with twists and turns, but very smooth. If you do business in such a road, fortune is more likely to prosper.

What is “curved hug”? In fact, the road shows a half-arc inward, this shape is conducive to gathering wealth. Because in feng shui the road is called “water dragon”, the point where two water dragons meet, commonly known as the “triangle window”, vehicles traveling through such a road will certainly stop, so the crowd will gather here, naturally conducive to the collection of wealth. However, it should be noted that the road in front of the building should not be too wide, if it is too wide, it will cause “water flowing too fast”, which will not allow people to gather and stay, but will lead to the loss of wealth.

Stay away from viaducts and underpasses

The limited road space in the city makes it easy for buildings to stand next to viaducts and underpasses. The buildings on both sides are often disturbed by the traffic, so the “qi” will not be able to gather. The solution is to place fish tanks, plants, or build pools in the direction of the gathering of bad qi in the office, or consult a professional geographic surveyor to make adjustments.

Pay attention to the surrounding environment

Office building in front of the door if there are many driveways, easy to distract staff attention, over time, easy to make people feel fatigue, work efficiency will be reduced. Office to avoid the selection of hospitals, crematoriums, churches in the vicinity, but also try to avoid stations, docks, pedestrian streets and other noisy places, but also away from the stink of gutters, garbage dumps and other filthy places. The front door of the office should face the open space, not the narrow space such as alley or dead end, because the front door of the building is like the eyes of the building, if it is blocked, it cannot open the view, which will hinder the development of business.

Avoid shape brakes

Office location should avoid direct road, road backbone, scythe brakes, building corner brakes, sky level brakes, sky chop brakes, etc. Office in the lower floors should be careful not to let the poles, transformers, lush tall plants block the window, but also pay attention to the surrounding glass reflection of strong light pollution.

Pollution factors

Pollution factors are places, equipment and devices that emit harmful substances or produce harmful effects to office buildings, cities and densely populated residential areas are the main sources of living pollution. Pollutants are generated from people’s daily life, commercial activities, and public facilities. Pollution can be divided into water pollution sources, air pollution sources, solid waste pollution sources, noise pollution sources, etc. according to the type of pollutants emitted. The office should be located away from these pollution factors.

Radiation factor

If there is a substation or high-voltage power room, cell phone base station, satellite radar and other radiation sources near the office building, it will have a serious impact on the office environment. Office site selection should pay attention to away from these radiation factors.

Building factors

There are many high-rise buildings in the city, in such an environment to choose an office building, we should pay attention to judge the layout of the building group in the four directions before and after the office building, as well as the position of the building in the building group.


As the external environment has a significant impact on the internal pattern of the office, so the external pattern of the office building if there is a feng shui brake, then the internal pattern is perfect, the effect of successful operation is very limited. The urban environment is complex, especially in busy areas, there are many high-rise buildings, resulting in more and more factors affecting the external environment of the office, and must be carefully considered when choosing.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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