7 Taboos of Bedroom Feng Shui

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“Feng shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy concerning man, his environment, and his relation to nature. It is a discipline of the heart and mind that balances living spaces so as to optimize good energy flow, which in turn helps with health, wealth, and spirituality. Feng shui literally translates into “wind and water”. The basis of feng shui is that all living things need a balanced flow of energy in order to thrive. Feng shui helps a person be surrounded by positive influences, stimulating physical and mental aspects of life. Feng Shui theory is based on the ancient principles of yin-yang, the five phases (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), and many other concepts. The term Feng Shui literally translates to “wind-water,” as it is believed in Chinese folklore that every living thing has a life force (wind) and a soul/spirit (water). The Four Pillars of Feng Shui are: The Bagua is an eight-by-eight grid of squares in which the numbers 1 to 8 are placed. It is a map of the universe and all its energies, as well as a map to use in order to help one’s environment become harmonious.

A, the mirror should not be facing the bed

Any side if there is a mirror against it, is unfavorable. In addition to the health of and husband and wife can affect the relationship, but also affect the fortune, heirs, etc. Especially the location of the end of the bed, not to hang a mirror. Because this mirror is like a “soul mirror”, will make room for people’s emotional unease. If you want to install a mirror in the bedroom, it is best to place it in a more concealed location.

Second, the bed should not be close to the stove

If the bedroom is even close to the kitchen, the bed should not be placed close to the side of the stove, because the kitchen is “fire”, easy to make people sick or nervous, irritable mood.

Third, the bed should not cross the beam

The sleeping bed should not be placed in the hanging cabinets, beams, or under lighting. Otherwise, it will lead to headaches, joint pain, other diseases, or reputation damage.

Fourth, the bed should not be on the door

If the bed is facing the door or bedroom door, feng shui known as “door punch”, people sleep restlessly, easy to send nightmares or hallucinations.

Five, the light in the bedroom to be soft

If the light in the bedroom is too strong people are easily grumpy; if the light is too dark, easy to produce a melancholy mood.

Sixth, after the head of the bed avoid having a gap

The head of the bed should be close to the wall or in kind, there should not be a gap, feng shui called “leaning against the mountain”. Otherwise, it is easy to produce visions, and pessimism, and serious cases that may lead to schizophrenia.

Seven, the suite toilet door is often closed

In-suite bedroom, the toilet door should be permanently close, or use the screen to cover it. Otherwise, couples are prone to extramarital affairs, feng shui called “pan water peach blossom”, or lead to financial leakage.

In addition: the layout of the bedroom feng shui and health

In-home feng shui, the design of the bedroom is extremely important and has a direct impact on the health, fortune, and marriage of the occupants. If the wrong color and bed placement, the lighter the loss of wealth, the heavier it leads to the breakup of the marriage, couples are often heard of divorce. Therefore, in the layout of home feng shui, pays great attention to the bedroom design and evil.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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