7 Feng Shui bane in the office and how to resolve them

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The so-called bad qi, in fact, is bad airflow, it has a bad impact on the fortune. From the above explanation of metaphysics, there are 7 main categories of fatalities.

Formal bane

They are visible and traceable brakes, such as chicken beak brakes, reverse bow brakes, heart piercing brakes; crossroads, bridges, strange shaped rocks, trees, roads, etc. outside the house; the shape of the scenery outside the house, such as sharp corners, poor landscaping, etc.

Taste bane

The smell of mold or any unpleasant smell is a smell bane. For example, if there is a refuse station nearby.

Light bane

Insufficient or too much light inside the house will have an adverse effect. Neon light outside the house is also a kind of light bane.

Sound bane

Noisy sound, unpleasant sound of running water. If there is a construction site nearby, the sound is so noisy that you cannot concentrate.

Science bane

Numerology bane. The requirements of numerology are very strict in feng shui, and failure to meet the requirements of numerology can also create bane. For example, the number of light bulbs, the number of fish, etc.

Color bane

If there is a lot of black in the house, there will be too much Yin, if there is too much red, there will be nervousness, and the color of the door to door also has a relationship with each other. What is more important is that the color of the home must match the desired color of the owner.

Magnetic bane

Because the magnetic force has a great impact on the human brain, and feng shui is mainly based on the changes in the magnetic field to calculate its good or bad for people. If there is a power station nearby.

how to resolve bane

If the office has these brakes, then you have to find a way to dissolve them. However, resolving office bogeys is different from housing, because housing is a place to live, which is about harmony, health and comfort, but office is about wealth, cooperation, and the absence of right and wrong and disputes.

However, an office building with prosperous fortune is bound to have bogeys. If you want to resolve it, you can use the method of blocking the bane to resolve it. However, feng shui has a cloud: “to fast hair, repair the three fatalities (not fight three fatalities)”, if you can introduce the fatalities, and then turn the fatalities into their own beneficial auspicious qi, and then introduce these qi into the wealth position, you can enhance the fortune, these need professionals to do. Do not try it yourself, otherwise it will have the opposite effect.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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