6 best feng shui methods to increase career luck in the office

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Everyone wants to have a smooth career, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Is the office environment out of the question, now give you six office feng shui arrangement methods to increase everyone’s career luck. Of course, the most important thing is to work diligently, promotion and salary increase will have hope.

feng shui to help people

Feng Shui believes that the back has a mountain, representing the help of noble people. Therefore, the most ideal seat in the office, is sitting with your back against the wall. If there is a copy machine behind, or a conference table, will cause a lot of unnecessary interference, which will invariably reduce the ability to help your people.

The improvement method is to add a screen behind the seat to enhance the effectiveness. If the situation does not allow, you can retreat to the following two improvement methods, that is, in the back of the chair (outward side) paste yellow cardboard, the back of the chair as a mountain, play a blocking role. Or eight stones placed under the chair, as if there is a small mountain to rely on.

zodiac feng shui

In the office to place something favorable, can boost career luck. Zodiac jewelry is one of the important factors affecting career luck. The zodiac can be divided into four groups according to its five elements.

Water zodiac signs include the rat, monkey, dragon, so for people born in the year of the rat, the year of the monkey, the year of the dragon should be placed metal objects, play the “gold water” effect.

Fire zodiac signs include tiger, horse, dog, so people born in the year of the tiger, horse, dog should put wood things to help fire, or put green things, such as flowers or small potted plants are good choices.

Wooden zodiac signs include pig, sheep and rabbit, so people born in the year of pig, sheep and rabbit should place black things or water plants.

Finally, water zodiac signs include snake, chicken and ox, so people born in the year of rat, monkey and dragon should put yellow, coffee and apricot things or put earth plants.

lucky feng shui

Feng Shui is about “catering to water” and not “disobedient water”. Water” in feng shui symbolizes wealth and fortune, and the direction of water flow is the direction of fortune and career luck. It is impossible to have real water flow in the city, so think of the traffic and people flowing on the road as water flow. It is better to have the office building close to the road. The placement of the seats inside the office of the building should cater to the direction of the traffic and people flow, that is, to meet the water, so as to speed up the speed of making money.

If not close to the road, the office seat if the back of the building or inside, which is usually the location of the supervisor or boss. At this point in front of the seat can be placed in an artificial waterfall, roughly parallel to the table, so that the direction of the water flowing towards themselves, that is, the seat is catered to the direction of the water flow. If there is no personal office, prepare a glass with water, and put a round glass ball inside, every morning into the office to add a little water, which represents the water flow in the direction of their own, to help increase career luck.

anti-villain feng shui

When dealing with interpersonal relationships in the office, you need to be careful not to be victimized by villains. Of course, it is best to reflect on yourself first, do not become a villain in the eyes of others, is the fundamental way. Now provide two ways to prevent villain.

a. Put a bookcase or screen behind the seat, the bookcase should be higher than the sitting person, feel that the back of the back to be able to.

b. In the office door hanging wind chimes, wind chimes of any material, can also prevent villains.

feng shui of salary increase and promotion

Want a raise, promotion is best to be able to put a bureau in the home or office building, but the bureau should be based on the different directions of the home to layout, and not every direction can be laid out, so you can change to a simple method, that is, to the auspicious position of the flow of the year to project the layout. Later will be the specific method, here will not repeat.

can win the boss’s heart feng shui

Stone lion to borrow gas: stone lion to absorb the essence of the sun and moon, can bring people good luck. People who are talented can touch the forehead of the stone lion, and then touch their own forehead, so that the good qi field attached to their own body.

Polished forehead: people’s forehead in feng shui is called “Guan Lu Gong”, representing career development and workplace fortune. If you are not valued by your boss, it may be because the color of your forehead is darker. The solution is to always keep your forehead shiny.

Use gemstones: Prepare seven different materials and colors of stones, such as crystal, agate, jade, etc., placed in a container of unlimited materials, placed on the left hand side of their desks to help their work go smoothly.

After the back of a mountain: the back of the office seat must have walls, cabinets and other barriers as a reliance, otherwise there will be a feeling of suspension.

The use of copper money: in the left hand side of the desk or in the largest and top drawer of the desk put copper money, will receive the effect of good luck. 66 copper coins said “all go well”, 88 copper coins said “congratulations on your fortune”.

Use amethyst cave: Amethyst cave is a common feng shui prop. Because of its concave cave, it can bring good luck, so it can be placed on the left hand side of the office, but remember not to let the crystal cave touch the water.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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