5 Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom

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Feng Shui is an ancient practice that uses natural elements in order to create a harmonious environment. The bedroom is considered to be the most important room in the house because it represents the home and family life. By applying these principles, you will be able to improve your bedroom and achieve better results.

Create a Balance between Yin and Yang

There are two opposing forces within nature – yin and yang. These forces are represented by opposite colors (black and white) and shapes (circle and square). They are also represented by positive and negative energy. If you think of them as light and dark, then you can see how they work together.

The balance of yin and yang in the color palette of a house

Let’s start with the color palette of the house. A home in which the walls, floors, furniture, and decorations are the same or a similar shade is guilty of the taboo of yin and yang disharmony.

The light in the room should also be a balance of yin and yang

We all like bright rooms, but the design of many rooms have to consider too much light, room windows are designed to be very large, either using large windows, or large balconies, so designed, every position in the room is very well lit, so that is good? In fact, this is an imbalance of yin and yang.

Some locations in the home, such as the living room, indeed need to be sunny, but like the bedroom should be slightly weaker light is better, so that the home has light and dark, yin and yang to maintain a balance.

Feng Shui believes that too much light in the house will hurt our body’s “soul” (pronounced “Hun”, “soul” belongs to the soul, the Chinese believe that in addition to the “soul”, there is “prana”, pronounced “Po”, they are the elements that make up the soul If you live in a too bright environment for a long time, it will harm the “soul” and the liver will have problems.

The house is too dark, not enough sunlight, it will hurt our body “prana”, prana hidden in the lungs, so you see those who live in poorly lit houses, either seem depressed, weak, or lung problems often, often cough.

The balance of yin and yang between Zhongshan and water in the home

In the past, we talk about a good feng shui place, there must be mountains and water. The best feng shui place is the one that has a good balance of mountains and water, and a negative Yin and Yang. However, most of us now live in steel and concrete wrapped in a high-rise, it is difficult to see the water, which is also a phenomenon of imbalance between yin and yang.

So it is recommended that you may wish to put a little more “water” at home, such as flowing landscape, static water bonsai, humidifier, fish tank, etc. can be, in order to achieve a balance between the yin and yang of the home and water.

How to place the best bed in the bedroom

A large part of a person’s life is spent in bed, so the choice and placement of the bed is very delicate. Secondly, the bed in the bedroom is the focus of people’s eyes, if the placement is not good, it will directly affect our mood. So how to place the best bed in the bedroom?

North-south orientation

North-south orientation is the best placement of the bedroom bed direction. Because the body’s aorta and aorta in the blood circulation is the most important, its direction and the direction of the body’s head and feet is the same. If the body is in the north-south sleep direction, moderated geomagnetic gravity, its aorta and large veins and the body’s direction of sleep and magnetic force is the same, which can make it easier for people to sleep, sleep quality is also higher, but also on the health of the human body is good.

Not directly against the door or against the door

In the placement of the bedroom bed, the head of the bed can not be against the door or straight to the door. If the head of the bed against the door, not only no privacy and will be no sense of security for the user, which will affect the quality of rest. Some room types really can not avoid the bed and the door, if you can place a screen to do partition.

Can not place a mirror

Near the bed can not be placed near the mirror, to avoid users get up in the middle of the night by the things in the mirror frightened and caused by human discomfort. Secondly, the human body is weakest when sleeping, if the mirror is placed opposite the bed, the mirror will reflect the body’s energy out, and this will directly affect the health of the human body in the long run.

Can see the door and window

Bedroom bed regardless of the location and direction, must allow the user to see the bedroom door and window from the bed. It is better if the solar energy in the morning shines directly into the bed, which helps the user to absorb the energy of nature.

Avoid beams

If there is a beam in the bedroom, the bedroom bed can not be placed under the beam, which will cause the user a sense of depression, which directly undermines the physical and mental health of people. Secondly, the bedroom beam can not be pressed to the bedroom door, and the air conditioning unit can not be placed above the pillow and so on.

Put the Door at the Corner of the Room

If you place the door in the corner of the room, you will feel more comfortable because you won’t have to walk past the door to go to the bathroom. You also won’t have to worry about tripping over the door as you enter or exit the room.

Bedroom door should not be rushing

Outside the bedroom door should not punch the gods, stove, water tank, column, wall knife, channel, mirror, refrigerator.

Bedroom door should not have a direct channel

Bedroom door should not have a direct channel, the main right and wrong, lawsuits, accidents. (This situation is mostly seen in the dormitory-type compartment, the house from the door into the straight line channel, both sides are partition walls, the most end of the room is the door rushing lane road, grams should be equivalent to Yang house door to the road rushing outside the brake)

Bedroom door should not be facing a sharp corner or wall knife

Bedroom door if the sharp corner or wall knife shot to, equivalent to the Yang house door to the outside of the brake, the main should be blood, open knife, inside and outside more right and wrong, but also the main room of the people difficult to communicate, if it is a child room, children should not be raised.

Bedroom door should not be facing the mirror

Bedroom door in the door, outside the door should not mirror, the mirror and bedroom door to the opposite, more right and wrong tongue, trouble and anxiety.

How to place the mirror in the bedroom

People usually put mirrors in the bedroom, it can facilitate our grooming. In home feng shui, mirrors can not be placed at will, if placed incorrectly, will cause many problems. So what are the instructions to put a mirror in the bedroom?

The mirror should not face the bed

From feng shui, the mirror is a yin cold objects, with a specific magnetic field, its placement is also a matter of caution, the bedroom mirror placement is not able to face the bed, the mirror on the bed easy to attract ghosts, it will also reflect the body’s energy away. From the psychological point of view, the mirror reflection at night, will stimulate the body is prone to hallucinations, so it is easy to get up in the middle of the night to be scared. If our bedroom mirror opposite the bed, we can install a cloth curtain to the mirror, it can be covered at night.

The mirror should not be facing the bedroom door

Bedroom mirror, is not able to put the mirror against the bedroom door, because the mirror against the bedroom door is easy to scare away the god of the door, but also play a role in blocking the god of wealth, easy to lead to bad career, if the bedroom mirror is facing the door, we can install the mirror cabinet door, when not used to cover the mirror.

Do not install mirrors in the ceiling

Some people will use the mirror as decoration, but the mirror can not be placed on the ceiling of the bedroom, or the location of the bed, the mirror on the ceiling, from feng shui, will lead to the owner of money, energy consumption. There is a saying is the mirror down, fighting all day; mirror up, the family business is not prosperous.

The mirror should not face the desk

If there is a desk in the bedroom, then the mirror is best not to the desk, it is easy to make people distracted. And the mirror is gold, the desk is wood, there will be a situation of mutual grams, easy to lead to accidents. So we better shift the placement of the mirror. If the mirror does not move away, the desk is facing the mirror, we can cover the mirror, and put a pot of cactus on the desk in the direction of the green dragon.

The mirror should not face the window

Bedroom mirror is also best not to face the window, it is easy to reflect the bad luck outside the window in. The mirror facing the window will also affect the feng shui of the bedroom, resulting in it is not able to hide the wind and collect gas. If the bedroom is facing the window, we had better remove the mirror, if there is no way to remove, you can ask the five elements of Bagua Fu Zhenzhi Qi.

Mirror do not face the dressing table

Bedrooms usually place dressers, dressers are mirrors, so when we place the dresser, it is best to place it in the upper left of the bedroom, or the lower right, so you can avoid the dresser mirror is facing the bed, the window, dressing mirror try not to face the bedroom door. Its placement can also take into account the user’s destiny, which will be more favorable to the room owner

Placement of lights in the bedroom

Warm colors with the right amount of white light source is preferred

Home feng shui generally pay attention to the use of light color, that is, the use of color changes between cold and warm. Color with the five elements in the home focus on cold and warm with the home to Yang, so the color of the lights should also be mainly warm light.

Red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple seven colors, red, orange, yellow light source for the warm light source, green, green, blue, purple for the cold light source, cold light source gives a mysterious, dreamy feeling. Yang-based surrounding with the right amount of white light source, so that the most suitable for people living life.

Do not use red light in the bedroom

But in the bedroom, generally should not choose red light and have a substantial flashing neon lights for decoration, easy to produce a floating and restless psychology.

Some newlyweds, in order to increase the romantic color, on the bed or dressing table according to a red light bulb, this is a big taboo, easy to trigger one or both sides of the cheating; children’s bedroom with red lights, children are prone to impatience, but also prone to precocious early love phenomenon, this must be noted.

Yellow lights can be used to attract wealth

The five elements of yellow is earth, and from the perspective of the five elements of the Sang Sang, the earth produces gold, which also determines the yellow light to attract wealth symbolism. So many people like to install a yellow light at home, in order to attract wealth.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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