3 feng shui for improving relationships in the office

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Feng Shui to promote human relations

Since there are some things in office feng shui that are different for men and women, they are described here separately.

When placing feng shui items in the office, women should place red ribbons or photo frames in the upper left corner of their desks to strengthen their people luck. Doing so can help women get along with their colleagues and work in a more natural and harmonious way, and they can also easily gain the trust of their bosses.

Men can be in the upper right corner of the desk, place crystals, pig dolls, dog dolls, do this to help boost career luck.

Feng Shui to soothe the grumpy temper

Computer is an indispensable tool in today’s offices, computers are gold, if there are many computers in the office, it is easy to make people grumpy, disorderly thinking, unable to focus and concentrate on work. The solution is to place a clear or white glass of water on the desk and pour 6/10 of water into the glass. Because the water helps to dissipate the computer to bring the Qi of gold, so put a glass of water on the desk with water, will make the mind clear, soothe the irritability. If you think this is easy to attract attention, you can use the usual cup of water, each time you drink water, leaving 6/10 cup of water, put on the desk.

Feng Shui to create a harmonious environment

To improve the problems of interpersonal relationships at work, you can easily create a quality workplace environment by doing what is mentioned in the following 5 tips.

1. Plants to eliminate bogeys

If there is a toilet in front of or next to your seat, you can put some large broad-leaved potted plants between the seat and the place, first, can absorb the foul gas from the toilet, and second, can block the bad magnetic field.

2. table lamp to solve the problem

If there is a beam above the seat, you can put a table rainbow directly below the beam and keep the light on from time to time to reduce the bad gas projected down from above.

3. Screen to block the bane

If the seat is facing the front door, this is considered to be a fatal environment in Feng Shui. Unless the person sitting here, their own magnetic field is very strong, otherwise, sitting here for a long time, the person’s magnetic field will be dry looking, so it is recommended to use the screen to block the brakes.

4. the wall of the seat should not be hung arbitrarily pictures

Some of the more gloomy, scary or intense lines of the picture, not suitable for hanging in the office. Because these images have a bad suggestive effect, the office here, look at such pictures for a long time, will affect the stability of people’s subconscious and the harmony of the mind. Office is best to clean picture or soft lines, simple pictures to set up, in order to help improve efficiency.

5. Do not plant vines around the seat

Office plants should be mainly broad-leaved plants, because the leaves of broad-leaved plants are large, both to block the brakes, but also to absorb the energy of heaven and earth, while the leaves are small or will be twisted vines, basically belong to the yin and yang in the yin, will absorb the energy of people, so should not be placed in the office.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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